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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Transport and travelling

Current location
On the bus, heading from Melaka to Seremban
Now listening to
Rindu serindu-rindunya being played on the radio, loud enough to drown out the roaring engine and the sound of tyres against the road
Tired. Impatient to get back to Palm Springs, Kota Damansra
Other activities

I’m in the bus right now, heading to Seremban, it’s not full, so I got to sit in one of those single seats – the one that doesn’t have a seat beside it. It’s quite comfortable really, more comfortable than the cabin of an airplane. I imagine this is something like the business class in the commercial flights.
And now my thoughts trail off to the flight to Paris (which was supposed to be on the 19th, but was postponed to the 4th of May). I dread even the thought of spending more than 10 hours in an economy class flight overseas. The seats are really not spacious, and it’s really not comfortable. On long flights especially, I can imagine that your legs would get quite tired – if not cramped – sitting down with so little room to stretch for such a long time. I am really looking forward to exploring the Dubai airport though! I like airports, and I hear that the Dubai one is big. I hear it’s a piece of art.
Ah, that reminds me: airports! My goodness, how tiring it will be to lug around all that luggage at KLIA. Especially if I’m going to get to KLIA by public transport. Oh, I know what that’s like. That’s why I’m going to travel as lightly as possible, and I’ll only bring what is really essential. I’m planning to buy most of the stuff in France. I’ll also definitely leave early for the airport, to avoid the excitement of that fine day I nearly missed my flight.
The bus left Melaka Sentral 14 minutes ago. I started typing this 10 minutes ago, and the battery meter indicates I have about 73% left. I didn’t start out with a full charge, but still, I believe there must be a leak somewhere. I’m using the lower setting, with the power saver option on – the screen’s so dimmed it’s beginning to be a strain to read – and yet it seems to be draining away so quickly. I definitely need to get a 9 cell battery for my laptop. This current battery just doesn’t do it for mobility.
Travelling really is an expensive business. Just to get to Douglas’ place yesterday I spent RM 34. The train from KL Sentral to Seremban was around six ringgit, the bus from there to Melaka Sentral was 10 ringgit and finally the taxi from Melaka Sentral to the BBU apartment where Douglas stays cost 18 ringgit. Luckily for me, today the taxi from BBU to Melaka Sentral was only 15 ringgit, and the bus to Seremban was only six something.
I hope the KTM won’t be too full. It would just suck if I had to stand the whole time. And it would suck even more if the train was packed with not-so-very-sweet-smelling people. I don’t really like travelling. I like discovering new places and seeing new people and things, but I don’t like the journey so much usually. I like arriving at the destination and exploring it, but I don’t especially enjoy the process of getting there. But it’s not so bad when you’re not alone. Everything’s better when you’ve got a friend with you.  Oh, the battery’s down to about 25% now, after 58 minutes of usage – not so bad la

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