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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Current location
Lying on a couch in my brother’s apartment, laptop on my ever expanding tummy
Now listening to
The torrential downpour which began moments ago
Last meal
Special chicken burger with cheese that I’m pretty sure must have been expired and perhaps even mouldy
Other activities
None, but I wish I was watching monkeys fly kites.

Greetings, people.
I was going to title this post “Time” or something similar, but I realize that that must be the single most overused and uninspired title in all the blogosphere. That, along with “random post” and “untitled”. OMG I said blogosphere.
I just realized that this is not the best position for typing. I also realized that it’s already Thursday! It’s already the 22nd and I haven’t prepared at all to leave for France. It’s all beginning to seem like a stealthy monster lurking in the shadows and creeping up to me, ready to pounce on me when I’m just too overwhelmed with things I was supposed to have already done. I think the monster has a name. It’s procrastination. And it looks something like this:
It has only one eye because they’ve decided to just do the other eye some other day. Funny how it’s so ugly yet somehow irresistible and cuddly. It’s an abortion really, and that’s what my preparation for France will be if I don’t start right away. So I’m going to start doing that tomorrow, maybe.
I’m feeling quite listless at the moment, so I came up with a list. It is quite obviously the perfect cure for listlessness. Here it is, in its half-hearted incompleteness:
1.        Get clothes from dobi
2.       Travel to Bangi
3.       Pack everything into my magical red travelling bag.
4.        Clean up the two houses (you know, the ones I stayed in while I was studying)
5.       Buy stuff perhaps? – But what stuff?
6.      Back to KK on the 25th (Now that it’s already Thursday, this item is rather imminent)
7.       Hang out with friends in KK? (Not that it happened the last time)
Looking through this list, I notice there’s quite a few question marks in there. Evidently I’m not too sure about what to do to prepare for France. Oh well, I guess no one really knows. Besides, this list’s as good a start as any I suppose.
Actually, I made a checklist of things to buy and pack just a little more than two weeks ago. Or maybe less – I can’t remember anymore. I’ve lost track of the days.
Here’s that list. Boy, I made that list long ago, but I haven’t done a thing about it. I think that procrastination monster’s got a good grip on me.


Nizam said...

thanks for the list Hakim.

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

Welcome. I realy ought to start preparing soon.

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