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Monday, April 12, 2010

Meeting the Kind Stranger Again

I was making my way from Bangi to Kota Damansara today, using public transport, and when I was at KL Sentral, I decided to see if Miss Manjit was there, to pay her a visit. I've looked out for her each time I've been to KL Sentral, but I only met her once after that first time, and even then it was a very brief encounter.

This time she was there, and she recognized me right away when I walked up to her and smiled.  It was so pleasant to meet her again; she's just such a nice and warm person that I couldn't help but smile the whole time.

I had to ask her what had driven her to trust me, and to lend me the money, and this is what she said:
"Well, I'm a mother, and if my own son were in trouble, I'd want someone to help them too. And when I saw you running, I knew that you were genuine, and I told myself that I must help this boy out."
Her kindness and her genuine desire to help out people in need just warmed my heart and renewed my belief in the goodness of humanity. I remember leaving my handphone behind at a cyber cafe once; it was quite late at night and when my friends offered to take me back to get it, I declined, assuring them that it would still be there the next day and that we could go take it later. Of course, they all told me that I was hopelessly naïve and that I was being unrealistic to think that my phone would be there even five minutes later. Unsurprisingly, the phone wasn't to be found when we went back to the cyber cafe the next day. Sure, it sucked to lose my handphone, but what sucked even more was losing a little bit of my faith in the goodness of people. I like to believe that there are kind people who will be responsible and return lost handphones to their owners, but still, I know that in reality, not everyone's like that. 

All the same, meeting Miss Manjit has shown me that indeed, there are people in the world who truly are nice, and wish only goodness upon everyone. I wouldn't say I'm naïve or gullible. I'm just hopeful. That, and too goddamn lazy to go and get back my handphone.

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