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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do I really need to pack this in my luggage?

So I’m on a plane again, flying to KL this time. The convocation is Monday! Then I’m going to France on Tuesday.
I’m going to France.
I’m going to France!
Ya ok, so I’m going to France. I don’t know why, but I don’t think I’ve been as excited as people expect me to be.
Well, until now that is.

                                            Absolutely adorable right?

Ok, so maybe I’m not jumping up and down excitedly, but still, at least I’m a tad bit more enthusiastic about it than I was before. I think I’ve been worrying too much about...why, actually, I don’t really know what I was worrying about. I had sort of an undefined, unexplained anxiousness about the departure to France. It just seemed like so much work and so much trouble. The packing, the documents, the...oh my, this list would have been more impressive if I could think of what else really was a bother. Perhaps I was just having unfounded negative thoughts.

Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not that big of a hassle really. My clothes are packed, they’re in my magical red suitcase in the chalet in Bangi. I’ve already bought a traditional looking congkak set as a gift for my foster family in France, I’ve bought all the things I think I need, and I’ve got most of the required documents in my laptop backpack. Well, all except a copy of the agreement I signed with JPA (which is nowhere to be found), 10 passport sized pictures (I meant to get new ones taken after I had my beard shaved in a salon in KK by a beautiful, effeminate man in high heels) and my vaccination record (it seems my mummy has misplaced them, but I doubt it’s a cause for worry).

I’m travelling really light to France. I’m not bringing that many clothes. Just a few Tshirts, a few long sleeved shirts, 1 pair of jeans, my favourite pants which totes mcgoats make my butt look cute (though at the rate I’m expanding, they will cease to even get past my knees), the sweater I’m wearing right now (I only bought it because it was on sale and it was calling to me!), Hushpuppy slippers which I was so lucky to get for just 15 ringgit, the congkak set (or maybe two, if I can manage to bring it – On a whim I have decided that while everyone else spends their free time playing modern and technologically advanced games, I shall sit and spend hours playing congkak, just so I can be le bizarre garçon malaisien qui ne joue pas aux jeux modernes) and Holy crap I realize that I forgot to pack my scientific calculator!

Ugh. Oh well, I shall not let this annoy me. I find that if you just have a more relaxed and laid back attitude, you won’t stress out more, and then you can actually enjoy the journey. Instead of fretting over every little setback, if you just face it calmly without freaking out, in the end things usually turn out well. Unless of course you forget really important things like getting your passport done, in which case you’d be in deep shit, and I would strongly advise you to rethink your laid back and take it easy philosophy.
Well, back to what I was saying about travelling light. I can’t remember very clearly, but I think that’s about all I’ve packed in my magical red suitcase. Oh, and stationary and a prayer mat too. Of course, I’m also bringing my laptop, in my brand new backpack which is so much more convenient than the sling variety of laptop bags.

I am allowed to bring a hand carried luggage of up to 7 Kg’s, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I really don’t want to bog myself down carrying so many bags. I can imagine that it would be terribly tiring.

There are a lot of things I’m not bringing which my friends are. Things like shoes, instant noodles, spices and condiments, rice cookers, toasters, microwave ovens and baby goats. I don’t think that all of these are necessary (although, I am slightly tempted to try and bring a baby goat to France, and name it Sarkozy, so I can instantly become the most popular kid on campus). Perhaps, once I get to France, I actually will feel the need for all these things. Maybe I will start to pine and crave for Malaysian food. But in any case, I’m pretty sure I won’t utter the words “Man, I wish I brought a rice cooker and 5 kilos of rice and chilli powder from Malaysia”. Mainly because, well, that’s sillier than a baby goat.

I have decided that I shall buy all of those things in France as and when I need them. I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing a rice cooker anytime in the first 4 months. And the 1 pair of shoes I’ll be wearing to France should suffice for the first few weeks, until I buy an awesome pair there. Sure, it might a little more expensive, but it’s definitely more convenient. And I am lazy. So I shall not pack and bring all these most troublesome and heavy things.

Gosh, I’ve only been typing for 50 minutes now and the battery level is already down to 24%. To be fair, I didn’t start with a full meter, but 24% from 74% in 50 minutes is...oh wait, actually that works up to nearly 2 hours, which I guess isn’t so bad right? In any case, I must buy a 9 cell battery so that I can spend a longer time using my laptop and looking like I’m busy while I am in the sky like this.
I shall now type as rapidly as I can so I can say all the important things that I have to say before the battery runs out. I refuse to write on barf bags. Although, that does make me look like I’m a prolific writer with so many ideas that I can’t just wait until I get on the ground to continue writing, so maybe I might still consider it.
The plan for the next few days is as follows:
1st May:
1)     My daddy’s friend is fetching us at the airport when we get there at 9pm. We’re staying at his place for the night
2nd May:
2)      Head to Bangi to get some things done:
a.       Get My magical red suitcase
b.      Get my dirty laundry washed at the friendly neighbourhood dobi
c.       Get all the papers, notes and books that are piled up.
d.      Drive to the dewan ESSET to find out exactly where it is (just because I’m OCD like that)
3)      Fetch Abang Faruq at the airport at noon
4)      Go back to my daddy’s friend’s house for lunch
5)      Borrow a car from my daddy’s other friend.
6)      Drive to Duta Vista (the hotel which my mummy booked for us because the landlord won’t let me stay in the chalet in Bangi anymore)
7)      Finish off packing (stuff whatever I can manage into my magical red suitcase)
8)    Drive to Bangi that night to visit an old family friend (and then perhaps also meet up with my French lecturer Atafia)
3rd May:
9)      Attend the convo in the morning
10)   See Kak Liza in Bangi (and maybe see Atafia, if I didn’t the previous day)
11)   At night, go to KLIA to send off my MARA sponsored coursemates.
4th May:
12)   Fly to Paris
Sounds like a pretty solid plan right? And, I’m so well prepared, that I even have an extra bag in the chalet in Bangi, just in case I can’t fit everything in the magical red suitcase, or if there are last minute additions. You know, those things that suddenly appear right after you’ve finished packing and stuffed your luggage to the brim. Yeah, I’m prepared for that.
Oh no! The computer has threatened to shut itself down if I don’t connect it to a power source right away. How kind that it reminds me to save my work. I wonder if this is sort of like threatening your boss, saying you’ll commit suicide if they don’t give you a raise.

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