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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mummy told me to go to France, and make Malaysia proud

The following is an email I received from my mummy on the 1st of May, while I was in KL, before leaving for France: 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

(May peace be unto you and so may the blessing of Allah and His mercy...)



Please know that Daddy loves you so oh much. And if you want to be nice to him, this is the time. He wants not anything from you. Carpe Diem! Seize the moment...seize the day! At the end of the day we are all food for worms...oh no no ... don't we make the worms oh so very happy. Until then, be nice to Daddy while you still have the opportunity... (Ooops....it rhymes). Remember, your friend's father left this planet not so long ago...Everybody does someday...only that statistics show women tend to outlive men maybe because (amongst many other things) men use up so much energy when they get angry at almost everything. Oh dear....is there anything we can do about it...I suppose not, for we are all creatures of habit...well...unless he or she is in diapers!

Hakim, 4 to 5 years is a long passage of time. Already Mummy and Yazmin are missing you. Go to France...make Malaysia proud for you are indeed the epitome of 1Malaysia! And your mother and father will be oh so proud too!

You have been brought up with so much love son. And grandma loves you too. Btw, you owe me...he he!......(I have just helped you...in eating that wonderful green gingko food for the brain grandma left on the table for you, just for you...)

Last but not least please know that no matter what, God's lovingkindness is greater than that of a mother for her newborn child. May you be steadfast in your journey of life and may Allah make things easy for you. Insyaallah.

I remain, as always,
Your loving mum,


p/s you have a mind that can accomplish anything.


Nizam said...

they love you hakim.

Joanne Ting said...

Aww so sweet!
haha, your mom rocks! =)

Anthea said...

that's awesome! your mum's awesome!

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