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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving Into a Place of My Own

Current location
In my room, number 1403 Cité Jean Medecin, Nice
Now listening to
Songs from my iTunes library, set on shuffle
Last meal
Kinder Bueno (I’m on a diet)
Settled down, slightly tired, impatient to get my iPhone 4
Other activities
Cooling myself down with my handheld electric fan (it even sprays water for an extra-cooling effect!)
image First of all, I absolutely love this fan! I bought it only because it’s purple and not very expensive, thinking to myself the whole time, “this is such a waste of money...” but it has proven to be quite useful in saving me from certain death due to dehydration in this terribly hot summer weather. Thank heavens for impulsive purchasing! 

It is so hot that your earwax starts melting and dripping to the floor. 

On the 1st of July, I moved out Martine’s house, and moved into my own room in the university residence. The whole thing was a tiring affair, especially since I had such a large amount of things to bring with me. It’s not the least bit surprising of course, that I had a billion things to carry, because I do tend to collect all sorts of useless objects in a very short time.
It didn’t help that my room is on the fourth floor, and I had to carry all my things up the stairs. This place wants an elevator, but on second thought, it’s probably good that I’m forced to walk up and downstairs every day, because it might well be the only exercise I get.
Now that I’ve got my own place, I’m most excited to make it as cosy and comfortable to stay in. So bit by bit I’ve bought all the things that I feel are necessary for comfort and practicality. Of course, the standards of comfort that I envision are somewhat excessive, which is why I ended up buying a bathrobe and spending a whole lot more money than I would care to mention. Oh, and practicality isn’t something I’m especially good at, so that would explain why I ended up buying two lamps instead of one, but at least they’re both really awesome looking.
I might have gone a bit over-budget, but in any case, I like how my room’s starting to look, so I’m quite content. The room’s actually a bit small though, so I must be careful not to buy too many things, otherwise there will be a lot of clutter, and then I will get really frustrated, and I’ll have to clear everything up and write a really long blog post about it.

This is how my room looks like as you enter it. I’m very pleased with the desk that’s situated in the corner. It’s very nicely designed too, so it takes up less space in the room, but gives me sufficient desk space to put my laptop and secondary monitor, as well as any documents, books and papers. And there’s enough room to study and everything! And there’s ample space underneath it for leg room and also a little shelf for arranging things like boxes and boxes of chocolates, potato chips and a multitude of other junk food.
While shopping around for fancy and superfluous things to put in my room, I saw an ottoman. I intend to buy it because it’s not an ordinary ottoman: it’s actually a box with a lid, which is brilliant, because then not only do I have a place to rest my legs while I’m working away really hard at my desk, but I also have extra space to put all the junk I will inevitably procure in the future! 

imageNotice that I have two lamps: One for the desk, and one for the bed-side shelf that I’ll buy soon 

In the corner, I have a very nice looking lime green laundry basket. I think myself quite clever for buying this particular laundry basket because it actually folds up like an accordion and it has handles I can carry it by, and it also zips up so I can cover it up.

I’m really glad there’s a proper shelf on the wall, so I can be organized and neat and all that. I’m going to buy very interesting and modern looking bookends as well as document holders so I can go the extra mile and be really anal and OCD, just for the sake of it.

I added a metal mirror to the wall so it gives the illusion that the room is bigger, and also so it reflects light and makes the room a little bit brighter. At least, that’s what I say to everyone to justify the really expensive sum I paid for it, but everyone knows the real reason is just because I’m a narcissist and simply adore seeing myself all the time. Naturally, I’m not stopping with one mirror – no indeed, I shall buy more and more mirrors, and place them everywhere! In fact, if I cover all the walls, then the mirrors will reflect each other, and then there will be an infinite number of reflections, and finally I shall be able to satisfy my vanity and narcissism. And that shall be the day that everything else will cease to have any importance. 

Oh, and I’m also thinking of changing the curtain, maybe something purple or orange, but certainly in a light tone – nothing gaudy of course, because I’m classy. Also, I’m going to buy another display for my laptop, specifically, a 7” USB connected monitor so I can have more monitors to stare at and pretend to look very busy, thus giving the impression of efficiency and importance!

The chair is kind of hard, so I’m going to buy cushions, because my butt only appreciates the finest quality feather stuffed cushions imported from Persia.

imageDoesn’t look busy enough: Needs more monitors to give impression of importance and thus superiority over the less sophisticated single display setups of my peers. Meanwhile, cherries are bloody expensive.

Right behind the door there’s a little space for hanging clothes and putting my shoes and other things. Pictured is the bathrobe I bought in Italy just yesterday, so I can look dandy when really I’m just naked underneath and can’t be bothered to get dressed.

Shower and Sink 
This is the hygiene space, if you will. The room is too small to have a toilet, but at least there’s a shower and also a sink. I replaced the plain and boring white shower curtain with something slightly sexier: transparent. No, it’s not an expression of my inner exhibitionist, it’s just that the shower space is really tiny, and with an opaque shower curtain it’s really quite claustrophobic. Also, this way the shower isn’t so dark. Besides, the original shower curtain was terrible at keeping the water from going out of the shower and flooding my whole room. There’s supposed to be a small shelf thingy just above the sink, under the mirror, for putting all the toiletries, but for some reason my room lacks that. I’ve already signalled it to the administration, but given that this is France, I won’t be surprised if they do absolutely nothing about it until I repeatedly pester them about it and write a letter and go through a formal bureaucratic process just to get a damned shelf.  

imageYou have no idea what uncomfortable positions I had to get into to take this photo 

This is the bed, that’s where I sleep. Under it there is a compartment that slides out where I can put all my clothes and other things that I use frequently. It’s really awesome because it keeps the room looking neat and also saves a ton of space. That white tower that looks like sophisticated technology is really just a fan, and a sucky one too, because it doesn’t really blow very hard, but it’s OK because I got it for cheaps, at a second hand shop. (The one time I try to be practical and save money, and it ends up sucking). No worries though, because thanks to my compulsive buying, I have a fantastic hand held fan, as pictured in the beginning of this post. 

imageAnother photo of my room taken from a different angle to make it look edgy and fancy. 

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, there’s no toilet in the room. So you might wonder, “My goodness Hakim, where do you go to poop your awesome rainbows?” Well, it’s really inconvenient, but I have to go out of my room and walk all along the corridor right to the end to get to the toilets which the whole floor shares. And it’s a little bit disgusting too because there’s no running water and no toilet paper either. So one must be sage and remember to always bring toilet paper with oneself when going to the toilet. On a side note, this is the first time in my life that I actually have to get dressed to go to the toilet =.=”

I didn’t take any pictures of the toilets, because it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. The French people poop on toilets similar to the rest of the modern world. I did, however, take a picture of the hilarious notice posted outside of the toilet. It’s in French, so if it doesn’t make you laugh, that just proves once again my superiority to you.



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