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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog traffic source statistics

I was just looking at my blog statistics on Google Analytics, and what really interested me was the Traffic Sources Overview which tells me what Google search keywords bring traffic to my website. You might imagine that a search for my name would be the biggest traffic source, but prepare to be surprised.

According to the official and accurate statistics, the main search that leads to my blog is “I poop rainbows”. In fact, if you google that search phrase, my blog turns up as the second result. My internet presence is rising, people! I am one step closer to world domination!

Here, for your amusement, are the most popular (and also the most unusual) searches that brought people to my blog:

Google Search Keyword Statistics

[click to embiggen]

The miscellaneous ones are the ones that really make me wonder.

What were they looking for when they googled “dildo in my pants”?

I like to think that whoever typed in the search “am I ready to leave this lifefound great amusement in reading my blog, and maybe realized that “Hey, maybe if I just try harder and don’t give up, I can be totally awesome like this guy”. Then maybe I might have saved a life. Then again, maybe they saw how amazing my life is, then spiralled deeper into depression upon realizing their infinite inferiority, and killed themselves immediately.


drifter said...

this post made me laugh the hardest. suicide is supposed to be a very depressing thing, but you're so epic win, you made it hilarious.

and LOL dildo in my pants! wtf??

and I didn't know you can check the traffic for your blog. ooh....

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

Actually, one of the posts on my blog does contain the exact phrase "dildo in my pants". I think it was the post about my trip to Italy.

[This probably explains why when I tried to register my blog on some blog sharing website yesterday, it got rejected because apparently it "contains inappropriate content"]

The search query "am I ready to leave this life" leading to my blog really has me puzzled though...

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