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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hari Raya at the Beach

Current location
At home, room number 1403
Now listening to
Lagu-lagu Raya – Suasana di Hari Raya
Slight Aidilfitri mood, mostly tired, very much happy.
Last meal
Freshly baked homemade cupcakes
Other Activities
Formulating a strategy to efficiently clean up the mess from baking the said homemade cupcakes.
Salam Aidilfitri
(I’ve always been looking for an excuse to use some fancy font like this)

And of course,
maaf zahir batin 
The first week at the IUT has come and gone, and I’m glad to say, I survived! This is definitely a good thing, because now I can continue to write on my blog and keep all of you entertained with my amusing stories.

First off, I have to talk about the first week of class at the IUT: it wasn’t so bad, except that certain classes are really really boring. Like FLE, for example (français langue étranger – French as a foreign language) which bored me so much that half of my brain cells committed suicide.
They’re teaching everything to us right from the beginning again, so everything we’ve seen in class this week, we’ve seen before in MFI; which is a very good thing, since I’ve forgotten almost everything. And it’s not like I understood everything perfectly the first time around anyway. Starting back from the beginning is perfect! This time, I actually understand the stuff, and I think I can actually grasp all those concepts that seemed so strange once upon a time.
Then again, there are certain subjects, like C programming, which I’m already really familiar with, and a complete revision starting from writing the “Hello World!” program is a bit boring. But it’s ok, that’s why I brought my Bluetooth headset to class. [pic: No one can even tell I’m wearing it]. Programming class just became a whole lot more interesting while listening to Owl City softly playing in the background.
I love the maths lecturer! She’s so nice, and her explanations are actually easy to follow, and they’re really clear too! She doesn’t go too fast, and she takes the time to re-explain things; I think I finally can get over my aversion for maths. I finally managed to grasp the concept of tangents in her maths class, and now I’m a little bit excited to really understand it so maybe trigonometry won’t be such a bitch anymore. Next step: integration and differentiation!

But enough about mathematics and class, this is a Hari Raya post, dammit.
Sempena Hari Raya, Hakim bakar kek! Cupcake chocolate terbaek punya! I bought an oven, tons of flour, sugar and other ingredients, and baked up more than 130 chocolate cupcakes (I lost count after eighty-something – besides, I was eating them as they came out of the oven, so it was not very easy to keep count). Here’s a picture of one special batch I made:
You will never find tastier cupcakes than these.
They were so tasty and attractive in fact, that within 24 hours of me posting this picture on Facebook, Farid was already on a train from Toulon, heading to Nice for some of my delicious Kuih Raya =). (That’s a 2 hour train ride by the way; just to give you a clear idea of how absolutely magical my cupcakes are)
So on the first day of Raya, after a whole day of class, I received Farid around midnight, and then we enjoyed a couple of cupcakes. Before long, we were having a case of the late night munchies, so I cooked up some Nasi Goreng Kiwi.

image image  
The green stuff is kiwi fruit. And the eggs are there just because I thought they look adorable.
imageFarid quite evidently enjoyed the Nasi Goreng Kiwi. 

Saturday morning I helped with the Raya preparations by cutting up and cleaning some chicken for the rendang, then in the afternoon I began baking.
Farid left at 2 p.m, full from the cupcake and nasi goreng

Ready for some serious baking

image image
Status: First batch, done! Second batch, ready! Third batch, on the way.
And that is how I made 100 cupcakes within a few hours.

At the beach, we ate Nasi Impit with Rendang Ayam and Kuah Kacang. And there was also Kari Daging. Everyone was wearing their Baju Raya outfits, and it was really nice to gather like that, eventhough it’s nowhere as meriah as it is back in Malaysia, with all the family and friends. It’s not the same, but it was nice.
These are all my classmates.

A candid photo: I like my purple Baju Melayu!

Well, I must go now, because I have this mess to clear up:
I’m going to be quite busy today…


drifter said...

boy do I want some of those happy cupcakes. did you bring them along to the beach? and your purple cooking utensils, too. you managed to keep the room in order even after adding the oven into the clutter, congrats!

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

Yeah, I brought them along to the beach. They were a hit!

When I bought the oven, I couldn't imagine where I'd put it in my room. I'm just lucky it could fit nicely without cluttering up my room too much. I still have it out now, because I'm planning to bake again this weekend. After that I'll just put it away in one of the shelves.

About the purple cooking utensils: Actually, there are some which aren't purple, because I couldn't afford the purple ones on the day I went shopping for them. I insist that I have everything in purple though, so I'll get new ones next time :)

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