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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is cold, but I have my blanket

Current temperature


Now listening to

The constant and soothing sound of my compact little heater. It sounds so warm!


Extremely motivated, yet too lazy to do anything with said motivation

Other notable things

The nerves in my hands and fingers might be dead from the freezing cold water I got on them while washing the dishes. I should learn to regulate the temperature of the water in the kitchen


Approximately two hours ago, I was awoken half an hour before my alarm was to ring, by a man knocking on my door, asking for aluminium foil.  This man is lucky that he’s somewhat good looking and has a nice smile, because if he wasn’t, and hadn’t, he would have gotten a nice scolding from me. It is a general rule that good looking people with charming smiles can get away with murder.

I haven’t updated this blog in approximately one month, but I have a charming smile, so I can get away with it. Here’s the proof:


Not guilty

Anyway, I woke up feeling really motivated and pumped to study. Then my brain said “but there’s no test this Saturday”. And then I instantly became really lazy. But then I quick had a shower and managed to do just the preparation for tomorrow’s practical class. And now I’m blogging, which by my reasoning is infinitely more productive than doing nothing, so yeah. Logic win!


In the one month that I haven’t written, I did plenty of things. I did so many things in fact, that if I were to tell them all to you right now, you wouldn’t believe me, and so I won’t. Besides, this way, I save a lot of trouble of having to dig up all the old stories from one month ago that are all far far away somewhere in my memory. See, writing a blog isn’t that hard.

I will mention very briefly though, that I went to Amsterdam for two days, on the 25th of October. There, I mentioned it. Let’s get on with the next story.

Haha just kidding. It was not planned; it was a last minute decision I made to tag along with Farid. The day before, when Farid was staying over at my place before catching the morning flight from Nice to Amsterdam, I said “Hey Farid, nak join la. Tolong book flight and lodging.” And that was that. I went to Amsterdam the next day with nothing but an empty backpack.

Here’s me in Amsterdam:


The colourful leaves indicate that it is autumn.

You can’t tell from the picture that this was in Amsterdam, because it’s a very generic picture and could very well have been taken in a park not very far from where I live, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I don’t have that many other pictures, because I was busy having fun. But this is a picture of Farid in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam:



It was approximately 6 degrees outside.

Farid looks happy

(My indecisive mind couldn’t choose which caption to put, so I put them both)


And then a few weeks passed where I did plenty of nondescript uninteresting things like going to class, taking tests and whatnot. And then two weekends ago, I had the most enjoyable and relaxing weekend ever, spending time with my best friend, Asyraf. We went out skateboarding on Sunday morning (by that I mean he skateboarded while I just watched), then we ate some kind of Middle Eastern bread which resembles roti canai, then we watched a movie called Inception. It was a good movie.


And that’s what happened during the last month, minus a few details.


drifter said...

Been really busy, eh, Hakim? Wow you went to Amsterdam Just Like That!

Yan Ariffin said...

I don't know why, this post isn't funny but i do laugh reading it. You're still the Hakim that I know years ago. I'm glad :)

keniata said...

Bande de drogu├ęs! hahaha

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