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Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is a new year

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything on this blog, and this being the first post of 2011, I suppose a little retrospection of the past year is appropriate. And what better way to recap 2010 than with a collage of images:

And since it’s convenient, I’ve also made a collection of my most interesting Facebook status updates from last year:
All this is old news though, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so I shall say no more about last year.

This year has been so-so so far, and quite frankly, sometimes I think it’s been quite crappy. My laptop died towards the end of last year, the new laptop that I ordered online arrived in the mail with a faulty cooling fan, I’ve gotten into a fight with my favourite friend, classes are terribly uninteresting as usual, and I’ve made no headway in writing anything at all.

Well, I’m about to change that last bit; now that I’ve gotten myself a new laptop, I shall write more frequently so that you can all read about important things like why I like chocolate so much and what I do during the weekends.

The last time I’ve posted on this blog was 3 months ago, which is quite a bit of time. During that time, I did a few clever things, including growing a beard!

This was a particularly clever thing to do, seeing as to how it is winter and whiskers help keep me warm. Considering that such beards are generally associated with terrorists and homeless bums however, one might argue that it wasn’t the cleverest thing to do.

But I did! And I like my new whiskers, as they kept my face warm when I was high up in the mountains with my friends in early January for a ski trip organized by the university.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from that trip because I was far too busy trying to keep from falling down while skiing and far too occupied resting my tired and cramped legs when I wasn’t skiing.

This year I’ve also improved my cooking and baking skills, and I’ve made quite a few delicious things like black pepper roasted chicken and heart of lamb in soy sauce. I’m on the lookout for other tasty meats to cook, particularly horse heart and peacock, but I’m quite sure that they’re not easy to find.

Just last month I made a chocolate cake for my friends’ birthdays:

Now I really must get to doing productive things, such as reading the novel that my French lecturer lent to me for a book report that I must do, and studying electronics because I’m terrible at that subject. Or rather, because that subject is quite terrible. 


Anthea said...

hahahahaha..the beard part was hilarious! I was eating when i was reading this, I actually stopped eating and laughed out loud, good thing i didn't choke. hahaha.

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

Hehe! Glad to know that I made someone laugh =) Gosh I've been away from this blog for far too long!

And I haven't been reading anyone's blog recently either. I really must catch up.

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