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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Electrical and Electronic Engineering: What it is. Sort of.

Hello there,

Very rarely do I post anything about my studies here, because well, I just don’t find it that interesting. But I suppose that curious as you are, you must sometimes wonder, “exactly what does one learn in an electrical and electronic engineering course?”

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question because quite frankly, I’m not sure either.

I do, however, have some photos to illustrate what some of our classes look like. You’d imagine that just like any other university course, we’d attend lectures and tutorial classes and listen to lessons, learning about things related to our field. Well, that’s quite right actually, and I have photographs to prove it. Photographs I tell you!

Notice the attentive faces, and the complicated notes sprawled out everywhere.
And the calculator, don’t forget the calculator. It’s scientific, mind you!

Sure enough, this is how class generally is. But then every once in a while, when you have the following:

you get this:


Of course, we don’t spend all our time attending lectures and taking notes from a blackboard; we also work with computers, which for a change, I find somewhat enjoyable.

Looks pretty relaxed right?

Most of the time these classes are quite enjoyable, because we get to do computer stuff that makes us feel so clever, and feeling clever is an important step to becoming a good engineer, I think. Also, these classes provide the most entertainment because we get to hear the lecturers swear at the lousy, #@$%*&^ piece of $#%@ slow computers. French profanity is probably best. For example, “Putain de merde, ça me fait chier!” literally translates to “Whore of shit, this makes me defecate!” which actually means “Damn, this makes me mad”, and that’s putting it lightly.

The entertaining cussing during the computer lab sessions aside, there are other classes which are quite enjoyable because they make us feel like apprentice engineers. I’m talking about the practical classes where we do technical stuff and actually make things (that sometimes don’t work right away, and then we get to hear profanity again, mostly in Malay and English this time, so it’s an added bonus!).

We also have classes where we do electrical installations and we get to handle dangerous electrical equipment, so we learn the safety procedures and stuff. We have to put on the safety equipment, and then take lots of photos because we probably won’t be doing this ever again. Well at least, not me.

This class is exciting because when you don’t listen to the lecturer and you mess up,
getting scolded isn’t your worst fear; you might potentially die. 

Pictured above is the class where we had to add an electrical motor to an installation, and I have to say, it was actually quite interesting. But what I find more interesting, are the Etudes et Réalisations classes, where we study and analyse the theory behind an electrical/electronic system, and then we create it! I can’t imagine ever doing it as my job, but in class it’s not too bad.

Here are a couple pictures of my friends placing some components onto a circuit board.

Most of all, I like how the classrooms all have big windows that let in lots of sunlight. It really makes the class much nicer, plus the scenery outside isn’t bad for the eyes either.

Sunshine. It keeps the students happy.

Now, I must get to reading maths, as I have a test on Wednesday. 

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drifter said...

Oh wow I didn't realise until five minutes ago that I've been looking forward to this post. So that's what your classes are like! Fascinating! 8D

And, milord you made me laugh out loud. French profanity for the win. Hahahaha

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