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Sunday, April 24, 2011

MASAF Games, Toulon, and the Arrival of the Juniors

Hello friends,

It’s now one week into the Easter holidays, with another week left to go before class recommences, pitilessly slapping our lazy, just-gained-four-pounds, holiday-fatigued faces with three exams in the first week.

The imminent exams and the revision that it implies aside, there’s plenty of other work to do. I could list it out in one long sentence separated by commas, but it looks more impressive and daunting when organized in bullet points: 

- Update my notes for Etudes et Réalisations
- Record and edit a 10 minute short film/documentary/video for Culture et communication
- Book report on the novel l’Amant
- Start the report for the robot project we’re doing
- Maths homework
- Revise physics, ARS2 and Etudes et Réalisations lab procedures

With that workload, I figured that I’d spend this two weeks’ holiday being really productive and getting things done. Unsurprisingly, the reality of the past week cannot be farther from this idealistic fanciful thinking.

To start off my roller coaster ride lazy but entertaining tortoise race of a holiday, I went to Toulon last Friday for the MASAF games! MASAF by the way, is the Malaysian Students Association in France.

Here’re a few posters for the event:

I didn’t take part in any games, but I did become referee for a few volleyball matches.  I can't find a photo of me being a really good referee though =(

Here are some of the winners, with medals!

It is no great loss however, that I didn’t play at the MASAF games, because I partook in other entertaining and more leisurely activities:

Slightly less physically demanding than futsal

But then we got tired, so:

Finally, an activity that we all have enough stamina for

Then I got hungry:

Eating Wawan’s serial in Wawan’s room, wearing Farid’s hat

I really enjoyed staying in Toulon for the weekend because there were so many Malaysians and I got to meet up with all my friends from PreFrance. There were so many Malaysians in fact, that at some points I actually forgot I was in France.

Now if only this was one of the sports at the MASAF Games, I'd probably bring back gold

Then I got back to Nice, and met the juniors who just arrived from Malaysia at the airport. Oh, the nostalgia! Seeing them just reaching France reminds me of the time last year when I just got to France. They’re all somewhat clueless and so careful with their money, reluctant to even spend 30 cents on eggs because when you convert it to Ringgit it’s really expensive. Oh, the innocence! Pretty soon they’ll probably be having negative bank balances. 

Bawa junior makan Indian food

Today is Sunday, 24th April, 2011, and I only have a week left to finish up the book report and the video project. I ought to get started right away. Right after I have some Kellogg's Frosties.

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