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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Land Below the Wind to the Land Down Under

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As you can probably gather from this photo, I have just returned from a trip to Australia!

On the 3rd of July, 2011, I left Kota Kinabalu to Perth, Western Australia. I went to Australia because I had a job to do – conduct seminars on improving the memory – and so I did.

In Perth, Daddy and I stayed at Aunty Lena’s house.

From the first day itself, we were making repeated trips to Rossmoyne High school, where I did demonstrations of memory tricks such as memorizing numbered lists of words out of order, and remembering numbers.

I also sat in for a few literature classes that were conducted by Aunty Lena and Mr Choy. Then of course, I had to have a go at writing a few responses to the texts discussed in class, and so I wrote two. Naturally, these responses were so fantastic that they were considered literary analysis gold and subsequently analysed to great depth in class. It’s only natural because I did get a B for literature in SPM.

I started presenting the seminar on How to Improve Your Memory in the second week. In total, I spoke for 17 hours: 2 three hour sessions for two Wednesdays, two hours spread over two Fridays, and one specially organised three hour session on the last Tuesday before I left.

All in all, the sessions went beautifully, and results were achieved! In one exceptionally responsive session, a student member of the audience managed to recite a list of 25 items which was committed to memory after going through it only once. Quite a feat indeed!

But of course, the most exciting part of the trip was meeting all the people – family friends, family of Aunty Lena – and enjoying the lovely home cooked food! Before going to Australia, I was already mentally preparing myself to put up with bland western food. And most likely, because it would be impossible to find halal meat, fish and chips. It’s not that I don’t eat western food, it’s just that I was hoping to gorge myself on delicious, delicious Malaysian food during these holidays.

But as it would turn out, there was none of that! Aunty Lena is a fantastic cook, and she made all sorts of Malaysian dishes – Nasi Lemak, instant roti canai, Milo, chicken curry, fish curry and all sorts of other tasty things you usually find in Malaysialand.

And quite to my surprise (at least initially), there were plenty of Malaysian restaurants. In the first week, we went to this Malaysian Chinese shop, and had delicious fish head soup and deep fried prawn.

During the first weekend, Uncle Ravi, Aunty Lena’s brother-in-law, brought us out to see a little of Perth. We went to Cottesloe beach, the Fremantle Markets, and Perth City, were we bumped into Iain, Aunty Lena’s son, and had lunch at Karache’, another restaurant with delicious Malay and Indian food.
This nice lady speaks Malay

Here are more pictures of this food shop:

The beach was beautiful, and so refreshing. So pristine and seemingly untouched. Here’s a picture:

The Fremantle Markets was so colourful and full of curious trinkets; a real treat for the senses. I didn’t buy anything though, because I’m not one for collecting souvenirs. Because, you see, souvenirs collect dust. But I did collect some photos:
Uncle Ravi and me

One of the things I liked in Australia was the parks. Right in Aunty Lena’s neighbourhood, there’s one were I’d go to take a walk every day. Sometimes, I’d go with Daddy. Here are some pictures I took while we were walking around Uncle Victor’s neighbourhood.


Of course, one does not go to Australia without seeing kangaroos, so Aunty Lena drove us to Whiteman Park, where I saw plenty of unusual and interesting animals which I’d never seen in all my life before. 




Whiteman Park is also where I saw, for the first time in my life, a peacock flying. Well, it didn’t really fly as much as it just sort of glided for a short distance after hopping up and flapping its wings, but it was nonetheless majestic.
It must have flown. How else could it get up there?

We also went to Underwater World, where we saw interesting sea creatures.
An interesting sea creature

Right afterwards, we had a short picnic in a nearby park.

We also went to a port, where we took some photos. It was a nice day, with overcast skies, but that made for good photos which look quite dramatic.

Of course, most of the time I was at Rossmoyne High, either sitting in while my father presented, or conducting seminars myself.
Quite obviously I must be saying something important, because there is a chart.

Despite being so busy with all the presentations, we did make time to do other things, like seeing the black swans at Bibra Lake, gather for dinner, and other miscellaneous things, like meeting the premier.

 Meeting the Premier

Aunty Lena cooked us a lovely dinner and invited Iain and Melinda, Uncle Victor and Aunty Malar as well as Mr Choy.

Dessert: The most important part of any meal
Black Swans at Bibra Lake

And here’s a picture that I got some Chinese tourists to take of me at King’s Park because my phone was out of juice:

I also had great fun hanging out at Reshmi’s place with Reshmi, her brother Ashwin, Samuel Poi and Kugen. Hanging out at Murari’s house, I learnt to appreciate racing games. Specifically, we played Gran Turismo 5, and I’ve finally discovered how not to suck at racing games.

Ice cream!

Globally, I had a nice time in Australia, but there’s no place like home. And now I’m having a great time in Malaysia. Sweet, sweet Malaysia. 


Nur Izzah Azhar said...

i can see u had so much fun.can i be jealous?hehe.by the way,the seminar is about what?memorising technique?maybe i can apply it to my students when i become a teacher one day inshaAllah :)

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

Hi! :D

Hehe, yeah, it was quite nice. The seminar was about memorising techniques. And you're right, it would be useful for you to teach to your students when you become a teacher

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