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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spending the Holidays wisely

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Hello readers,

One week of holidays has passed, and there’s another week left to go before class starts again. Naturally, I have spent the last week doing so many things that I didn’t even notice the time just fly by. 

To start things off, I prepared lunch for all of my friends here at the Résidence Universitaire Jean Médecin on Monday, while they were at the IUT, learning stuff in a supplementary holiday class. Here’s what I cooked up:

I’m quite a good cook

It’s chicken biryani, black pepper chicken and ayam masak merah. And white rice too, for seconds and for enjoying the black pepper chicken better.

Then on Tuesday, Farid Othman came from Toulon! Habis terus tak productive langsung. Main game, tengok movie, makan pizza, main game, makan snack lalu menghabiskan masa begitu saja. Yay!

We spent most of the time playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, and I’ve become so much better at it now. It’s such a fun game, we played until our fingers hurt. We played a little Street Fighter IV too, and I enjoyed it a lot because I was beating Farid non-stop. But eventually Farid got better at it, and started beating me. Obviously, we didn’t play that much Street Fighter after that.

And because everyday we must learn and grow, we watched a couple of documentaries too. One was “I Got Next” which is a documentary about a Street Fighter tournament, and the other was “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” which is a documentary about Steve Wiebe trying to get the world highscore for Donkey Kong. This guy was so serious that he actually stopped everything else in his life for a week just to play Donkey Kong for hours on end. We watched this as well as videos on youtube of Koreans playing Tetris at insane speeds and beating the game, which motivated us to play more to be, as Farid put it, just like the Koreans.

Then fast forward to Friday, because really, that’s all we did since Tuesday, and then Farid had to go back to Toulon because his holidays are a bit shorter than mine (haha! Sucks for him). I just went back to playing Tony Hawk, but it isn’t quite as fun playing alone. That didn’t stop me from playing anyway instead of doing my laundry, or anything remotely serious like that.

And all the while I’ve been playing Car town, which is just some Facebook game, but it passes the time, I suppose. After just 5 days, I’m already at level 22. Obviously I have much time on my hands.

This is what my garage in Car Town looks like. See my collection of cars? All that in just 5 days.

Well, today is Sunday, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing my laundry. There’s another 3 machine loads to go, but I’ll probably do that tomorrow. Right now I have to clean up my room a little, as it is quite a mess after the visit from Farid. This evening I’ll be cooking chicken curry, and Marshella, Tan and Nazri will be coming, so I must make the room clean to give the impression that I am always neat and tidy. 

Tomorrow I must head to town to get instant noodles and other food stuff, maybe visit my foster parent and also get my titre de séjour at the préfecture

Eventually, I’ll have to get started with my presentation for English class, and of course start looking for an internship. Preferably, before the holidays are over. Because after that I think I’m gonna be very much busy. Or at least, feel like it. 

Now, on to other things. Perhaps a movie or something. I must find things to do! Goodbye.

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