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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scary thought of the day

Today, I had a thought.
Actually, I had more than one, but I had one particularly frightening one:
I imagined that maybe one day the government would discover that I’m really really smart, and then they’d take me away from my family and send me to a faraway country where I have to speak an unusual, foreign language and learn really smart and complicated things which resemble magic when observed from a distance, but upon closer inspection look more like gibberish. And they’d make me sit through hours and hours of talking by people who seem to know a great deal about things that aren't particularly interesting to me, but are somehow supposed to be really important, and then they’d test me every week just to see if I could keep up, and if I understand all of the talking. 
Oh no! It’s already happening! Aaah!


Nizam said...

One of my thought was that a neighbour is a secret agent sent by the government to spy on us. She uses a hearing device because she has a hearing impairment. And she's 60+ years old I think.

Hakim Bin Luqman said...

And the glasses she wears actually have a camera built in, so she can record everything!

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