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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013: Year in review, part 2 - February to April

Hello again,

In part one, I’d mentioned things from December 2012 and from January 2013. I then looked in my Gmail archives to jog my memory about what I was doing from February till the summer, and I found mostly chats with my team mates discussing the two projects that we had at the time (DeVINT and Myrmes for OGL – outil de gestion de logiciel). No surprise there, I guess. I was really really busy and stressed out in semester 2.

Ah, that reminds me about what I did sometime around April of this year to de-stress: I went to Amsterdam! With Ariff and Afif and three other guys! Good thing I did, because the holiday really helped. I probably would have gone crazy without a nice relaxing break. This time, we went to Madurodam to see the Netherlands in miniature. I got to take plenty of photos of Domokun on holiday that day. We also went to Keukenhoff to see the colourful, pretty tulips. Here are some photos:

That’s one big spread (It’s called a Rijsttafel). It consisted of nasi kuning, rendang daging, ayam melaka, tempe goreng, satay, kerabu mangga, ayam goreng, sambal telur, sambal olek, sambal tempe, sayur lodeh, kacang panjang masak sambal, acar timun, keropok udang, keropok vegetarian.

Well, I guess that concludes the first half of the year, because I don’t think anything special happened between my return from Amsterdam and my return to Amsterdam again in June before heading to Malaysia for the summer holidays.

So that’s it for part 2, next up is part 3, perhaps the last in this series of long overdue blog posts.

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