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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013: Year in review, part 3 - Summer

Hello, here’s part 3 of my series of blog posts that I should have written earlier. Vive la procrastination!

This post is mostly going to be photos that I took during the summer holidays which I spent in Malaysia. I spent some time in KK as well as in KL.
The weather was excellent (though a bit warm)

I got to see my family, and all my siblings were together for the first time since Abang Faisal’s wedding. Here’s a photo of myself with Abang Faruq and Abang Fadhil in front of Aunty Parimala’s father’s house:

Notice how the shoes match the pants. It wasn’t even planned. We’re just cool like that.

That photo was taken before I got dreadlocks! Got them done at a salon in Time Square. Took 10 hours to do, but it turned out great, and now I’m loving my dreads. Here’s a photo from the day after I got my hair dreaded:

I also purchased a whole bunch of floral shirts over the summer. I think it kinda goes with the dreads.

Back in Sabah, I visited Simpang Mengayau and the Pekan Kota Belud. Got some photos taken there, though they’re not really clear because they were taken with my Alcatel (which Uncle Ravi got for me, to replace my Galaxy S4 which I lost in Nice some time in April).


Back in Semenanjung, I went for the MASAF Edutalk at MFI as a panellist for the experience sharing session.

Ok, now it looks like I’ve only got this one shirt because I’m wearing the same on in all the photos, but it’s just that I really like it.

For Hari Raya, Abang Faruq, Abang Fadhil and myself flew back to KK from KL. Yazmin flew to KK from Penang and Abang Faisal came home from the US.


This was the first time in a long time that everyone’s together at home. And this Raya was also the first time I’ve ever had my friends over at home in KK:


Raya, was as usualy, pretty colourful and lively:


And while we were in Sabah for Raya, we went over to Kampung Pahu for Kak Wani’s sister’s wedding:


That should just about cover my summer. Of course, there was lots of shopping and hanging out, but I’ll just skip those details because the post is already long, and I’m not even finished writing about 2013 yet.

I thought part 3 would be the last, but it seems like there’s going to be at least a part 4, where I’ll talk about my return to France on the 31st of August, and carry on from there until the most recent events.

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