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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Semester Three at Polytech Sophia

I was having trouble falling asleep, so here I am updating my blog. Just as well, seeing as how I haven’t written anything other than project reports for school for a while.
Besides, 2013 is nearly out, so I guess I’ll just make up for the lack of posts by giving a quick update of the stuff that happened this year.
Last time I posted, I was psyched about the second semester. Well, the semester was OK, though some of the projects were a bit stressful at times. But semester 2 is over now – in fact, I’m just about done with semester 3 (just the exams in January left).
This semester was hard. The subjects were harder, and there’s always something to hand in every other week (even as of right now, I have two reports to finish up for handing in January when school reopens). The subjects I had this semester:

  • Analyse et Conception Objet (we learn about UML and Object oriented design patterns – 2 projects for this subject)

  • C++

  • Internet et Réseaux (Internet and networks – 2 projects for this subject as well)

  • Compilation (Compilers – this one’s probably the hardest. And the final exam was on my birthday – I scored 14/20 by the way :D )

  • Base de Données Relationnelles (relational databases – we learned SQL and relational algebra)

  • Connaissance d’Entreprise (Company and work related stuff, like cost analysis, analysing balance sheets and income statements)

  • Droit de Propriété Informatique (Intellectual property rights – so we have an idea about the laws regarding copyrights and intellectual property like software and the like)

  • Droit de Travail (Labour law – to prepare us for work, I guess)
  • IHM (Human machine interface – we learn about creating a user interface in Java using Swing, and also a bit of web development using Symfony2.

  • Langages de documents (document markup languages – we learned HTML, CSS, CML, DTD and XSL)

Whoa, that’s a lot of subjects. Luckily I didn’t have to take English this semester (there were two English subjects this time, so the exemption certainly saved me some time).
I gotta say, I’m really thankful for all the support I managed to find in my friends this semester. Especially my juniors here in Nice (Soya, Aziz, Lai, Azman, Yasoi, Tom, Enduk, Ariff, Syahmie and Afiq, to name a few). Though they couldn’t help me out with my exams or projects, they’ve been supportive throughout. Soya, Aziz, Lai and Azman have also always been so welcoming to me every time I drop by their house (and I’ve stayed there quite a while, but more on that later).
My French classmates have been really awesome too. I’ve mentioned this in the last post I think, but the Facebook group that we have for our batch is just great! It’s saved my ass a few times this semester. I think the semester would have been a lot more painful without the support of friends.
Luckily most of it is over (there’s just Internet & Réseaux, C++ and Bases de Données finals coming up when school reopens). Of course there’s also the two reports that are due the same time. And right after the finals, we’ll be working on a project for 3 weeks. I’m with Clément Cristin, Assma Ben Aisha and Yoann Schwartz, and we’ll be doing a project about facial recognition. I really wanted to do the project about the EPOC headset, but that was already taken.
Well, I actually meant to give just a brief, condensed update of the year in this post, but just the part about school is already quite long. School’s a major part of my life right now I guess.
Instead of making this post too long, I’ll just write multiple shorter posts. Next one coming right up.

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