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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nasi lemak and friends

This photo is here specifically to show off the resolution of my phone camera. Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to.
    Today, to mark the end of many a sleepless night and the semester, I cooked up some nasi lemak and invited my team mates and some of my friends over to my place.
I also decided to punish them all, just for fun

    Clément came over with Yoann, who brought his girlfriend Claudia, who, it turns out, has a knack for picking up foreign accent - she could say terima kasih and sama-sama so perfectly and make it sound sweet. She could even pronounce the "ng" sound in bangsat properly right away too. What? Don't act all shocked and surprised. Profanities are always the first things people want to learn about any foreign language. Especially languages they don't plan on ever actually learning. Though, I'm pretty sure if Clément, Yoann and Claudia gave it a go they'd get good at it pretty fast. 

Voici my team mates:

I've always wanted to let my French classmates try out some Malaysian cuisine, so I wanted to do an authentic nasi lemak complete with pandan and everything. AndI did, but I don't have photos of the pandan leaves, so here's one of the rice and coconut milk instead:

The coconut milk is why it's called nasi lemak. Well, that and the rice itself of course.

Sambal udang. A.k.a. punishment.

Help arrived just in time! Thanks to them I managed to get the apple and strawberry salad ready, even though I ended up completely cancelling the hard boiled eggs and stir-fried veggies because I ran out of oil and only noticed after chopping everyhing up and the shops were still closed and then I ended up having to delay everyhing. I am a master planner.

Between pants and whistly-like breathing, we discussed things like the relative simplicity of bahasa Melayu and the differences between Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. And then we had tea.  (I've always wanted to end a paragraph with that sentence - ever since I wrote the last line of this poem)

Cooking another pot of nasi lemak because, "Hey, ada sambal lagi"

Surround shot tak berapa menjadi. Tom and Ariff hilang

As you can see from the photo above, my studio isn't very spacious, so I couldn't invite all of my friends. I would really have loved to, but then we would all have had to remain standing and some of us would have to eat in the bath tub or something, which would not have been ideal, because then they would miss the entertaining things that we were watching on Youtube.

Sharing is caring. Tengok tu, ada waffle lagi. Haaa, sape suruh balik awal. Kan terlepas waffle. Heheh, just kidding. Kalau korang stay pun tak dapat gak. Waffle tinggal dua je.

To help the tongue recover
Well, that was a nice weekend. Now I have to get used to going to class again after this 6 week hiatus. I hope the subjects are interesting. Here's to the new semester!

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