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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving Into a Place of My Own

Current location
In my room, number 1403 Cité Jean Medecin, Nice
Now listening to
Songs from my iTunes library, set on shuffle
Last meal
Kinder Bueno (I’m on a diet)
Settled down, slightly tired, impatient to get my iPhone 4
Other activities
Cooling myself down with my handheld electric fan (it even sprays water for an extra-cooling effect!)
image First of all, I absolutely love this fan! I bought it only because it’s purple and not very expensive, thinking to myself the whole time, “this is such a waste of money...” but it has proven to be quite useful in saving me from certain death due to dehydration in this terribly hot summer weather. Thank heavens for impulsive purchasing! 

It is so hot that your earwax starts melting and dripping to the floor. 

On the 1st of July, I moved out Martine’s house, and moved into my own room in the university residence. The whole thing was a tiring affair, especially since I had such a large amount of things to bring with me. It’s not the least bit surprising of course, that I had a billion things to carry, because I do tend to collect all sorts of useless objects in a very short time.