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Making friends

When we make new friends, how often does it happen because we said " Shall we be friends? " I imagine the process of friend-making should go something like this: Person A: I like you. Do you want to be my friend? Person B: Okay, let's be friends. Person A: Hello, friend :) But this is the oversimplified version. Really, even though we don't say it, what we mean is this: I think I like you. Let's be friends for a while, and then if we like it we'll be friends for a bit longer until we get bored or until we stop liking each other. How's that sound?

Why I haven't finished my work yet.

Here I am in my room, trying to get work done since I got up at noon. It’s now midnight, so it’s been 12 hours, and one might expect that I would have gotten some solid work done. That would be true, if only I wasn’t so distracted and uninterested in the work I’m supposed to get done. It’s a presentation that I must do for English, and after much deliberating and half watched videos on TED , I finally decided that I’ll talk about Google’s self-driving car. Once I’d decided on the topic, I then went on to make the PowerPoint presentation. Probably about an hour later, I’d finished writing the title: “Google’s self-driving car”.