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A walk in Nice with Selam and Guillaume

Today was a lovely day! I went for a walk with Selam along the Promenade, and then we went to the Cours Saleya and walked through the Old Town before walking back home. The weather was beautiful and sunny. Almost as soon as we started our walk, we were greeted by the wonders that nature has to offer in the vast outdoors. We saw people, and other species as well. Pictured above are horses, and a majestic eagle soaring overhead, a symbol foreshadowing the heights that our day was about to reach! We talked about my painting, we talked about Selam’s family, we talked about Guillaume being busy with work. We also noted that the new confinement rules were quite strange, but relatively convenient. We had our attestations de déplacement dérogatoire , and we had ticked the box for sports activities, so we were pretty much authorized to go for a walk within a 10 km radius of where we lived for as long as we wanted. We talked and we walked and we made it to the Cours Saleya. Neither of us had