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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is cold, but I have my blanket

Current temperature


Now listening to

The constant and soothing sound of my compact little heater. It sounds so warm!


Extremely motivated, yet too lazy to do anything with said motivation

Other notable things

The nerves in my hands and fingers might be dead from the freezing cold water I got on them while washing the dishes. I should learn to regulate the temperature of the water in the kitchen


Approximately two hours ago, I was awoken half an hour before my alarm was to ring, by a man knocking on my door, asking for aluminium foil.  This man is lucky that he’s somewhat good looking and has a nice smile, because if he wasn’t, and hadn’t, he would have gotten a nice scolding from me. It is a general rule that good looking people with charming smiles can get away with murder.

I haven’t updated this blog in approximately one month, but I have a charming smile, so I can get away with it. Here’s the proof:


Not guilty

Anyway, I woke up feeling really motivated and pumped to study. Then my brain said “but there’s no test this Saturday”. And then I instantly became really lazy. But then I quick had a shower and managed to do just the preparation for tomorrow’s practical class. And now I’m blogging, which by my reasoning is infinitely more productive than doing nothing, so yeah. Logic win!